Follow Joe as he plans to meet the world, with Camera & Passport in hand.
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Cameron Highlands Jungle Trekking & Tea Plantations, Malaysia
Cameron highlands in Malaysia

Taj Mahal, India – One of the New7Wonders of the World

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The hidden gem of Colaba, Mumbai – Bedemiya. The best chicken tikka wrap you will EVER have
Bademiya street food stall in Mumbai, India
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Education is the key to Enlightenment
Young student on the Mumbai public train system
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Travel where you will, anywhere in the world, and you will encounter Coca-Cola — on clothes, in signs, on packaging, in art — everywhere.
Monkey drinking Coke on Elephanta Island

Do’s and Dont’s of Cape Town

Cape Town, a city that caters for everyone – from stunning beaches to a hip and happening cosmo city to stunning mountain ranges and wineries on its backyard, this Tavern of the Seas has become one of my favourite cities in the world and by far my favourite city I have experienced so far on my travels. For those looking to visit, here a few do’s and dont’s to get you by…  Continue reading »
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